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Community Rebuild Project with Reach for Nepal Foundation and The Buddha Odyssey, Lou Nulley

The REACH for Nepal foundation was established in August 2015 in response to the earthquakes that occurred in April and May that year.  The objectives of the ‘not for profit’ foundation are to Rebuild,Educate, Assist, Children/Communities (giving) Hope for Nepal.
A team of seven volunteers from Australia travelled to Nepal in March 2016 and successfully created a water supply to a school in Takukot, a remote village 35 kilometres from the earthquake’s epicentre.
The team were greeted with much joy and gratitude by some 300 school children and villagers before the work began to build a water tank in a central location at the school and re-establish a larger tank some way down the mountain to where a spring naturally provided the water supply.  A water pump and necessary plumbing were also funded by the foundation and in a matter of a few weeks the school and villages had convenient access to the spring water, an essential resource for all to share. 
School books no longer required here in Australia were donated to the school.  Members of the team lead classes from years 6 to 10 in English and presented a personal perspective of life in Australia.
This first project contributed to each of the objectives of the foundation:
Rebuild – re-established the reservoir to capture spring water, built a water tank in a central location and installed piping and plumbing for school children and villages to conveniently access an abundant supply of water;
Educate – the team provided school books, native tuition in the English language and presented a personal perspective on various aspects of life in Australia;
Assist – the result of the project not only enabled the provision of spring water to the children and communities in the Takukot village, but also stimulated the local economy by employing people from the villages to assist in the project;
Children/Community – the outcome of the project had a very positive practical impact on the children and community of Takukot, saving them hours of walking to retrieve minimal water; and
Hope – it was clear from the welcome, support and departing comments from the people of the villages that REACH for Nepal provided much hope, as they witnessed firsthand real benefits being delivered to their school and villages. Whilst the timing of the international aid to the areas affected by the 2015 earthquakes is not clear, the assistance provided by the foundation gave hope that assistance is on the way.
Whilst we were advised that the work funded and undertaken by the REACH for Nepal Foundation for the school and the surrounding  villages of Takukot was a great success, giving much joy and hope to the children and communities, perhaps, not surprisingly, it was the group who generally felt they  benefited more from the experience. 

Lou Nulley


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