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Trekking in Nepal can be graded as different levels according to route features and elevation varies place to place. Some trekking routes are combined with higher level of elevation which requires some different standard of physical fitness and acclimatization or rest day.


Easy trek do not require any experience of mountaineering and rock climbing as it begins with an elevation below 2,500m. One can make a little walk about 3 to 4 hours per day in an occasional steep path or no walking is required. So, the trekkers without good physical condition can easily trip in this type of trek. Mostly, it is the suitable trekking for the couples with young child along with the aged people.


Moderate trek is quite longer and harder in comparison to easy trek as these treks include 4 to 6 hours walking each day. The trek is even called low altitude trek with an elevation of 3,500m. The trek recommends the trekkers with basic physical fitness but it does not require any experience and it is suitable for all walkers. Because of this fact even the aged people are fit for this trek.


Trenuous trek should be undertaken by those who have previous experience of mountaineering and climbing. It engrosses with an elevation between 4,500m to 5,500m so it is the toughest type of trekking as you need 12 to 14 days of 7 to 8 hours of walking on foot per day through wild country with high passes. For anything of this level of trek, you need to have strong physical fitness which is very important factors for the trip. The trek is significantly towards higher altitudes and remote area.

Very Strenuous

It is really the most difficult and challenging type of trekking which provides real adventure of mountain climbing to any trekker. This type of trek includes rarely visited area, more than 8 to 9 hours walking per day. So, the well trained trekkers with strong physical appropriateness are highly required.

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