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REACH for Nepal Foundation (RFN) has been established to provide practical and financial assistance to rural Nepalese communities primarily affected by the earthquake in 2015.

RFN works to improve the lives of Nepalese people through initiating and supporting programs that assist earthquake-affected communities to rebuild schools and libraries, provide educational scholarships, foster sustainability, enhance the skills of local teachers and extend participation in sporting activities. RFN’s priority is assisting people in remote areas of Nepal that have not been assisted by other aid agencies. Many of these are only accessible on foot.

REACH is an acronym that defines the objectives of the foundation:

  • Rebuild

    Supporting reconstruction efforts in villages affected by earthquake damage

  • Educate

    Boosting education outcomes by providing school books, tuition and training

  • Assist

    Stimulating the local economy with employment and training opportunities

  • Children/Communities

    Improving the livelihood of children and remote communities

  • Hope

    Giving hope to those that have lost loved ones, homes and jobs

RFN’s central fundraising activity is the facilitation of fully guided trekking experiences to the Himalayas each year. These combine trekking with volunteer work on a rebuilding project.

As a grassroots organization, RFN is reliant on community support to achieve its objectives. The foundation organises regular fundraising events in Canberra, including dinners and other initiatives.

What sets RFN apart is that it uses its strong cultural ties and detailed knowledge of Nepal to identify and support projects that contribute to rebuilding schools and villages. Overhead costs will be minimised because the time and effort of board members and those associated with the foundation is provided on a voluntary basis.

RFN also provides an opportunity for people who might otherwise feel quite helpless to assist and make a difference in a practical and/or financial manner.

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