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Volunteering programs

The Buddha Odyssey team are experts at organising group volunteering tours to assist schools and communities in rural Nepal.

Typical trips include visits to world heritage sites in Kathmandu and a couple of days in picturesque Pokhara. They may also include a home stay in a village around the Annapurna region, assisting in local schools and experiencing day-to-day life in a Nepalese village.

If you are looking for some adventure and make a real difference to the lives of the people in rural Nepal, then join us on one of our flagship volunteering programs.

Why volunteer in Nepal? 

The earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015 devastated many Himalayan villages. There's a lot of work to be done in the villages and our volunteers have a large role to play in that work.

Village Life in Nepal - what to expect

Experiencing Nepalese village life a hell of an adventure for anyone from Australia. The flora, the fauna, the colour, the simplicity, the people, the culture all come together to create an amazing scene you will never forget.

You will be welcomed and are guaranteed for an enjoyable stay in the village. Our aim is to provide visitors with a true village experience, and we have the resources, local knowledge and expertise to make that happen.

You will have an opportunity to work alongside the villagers, teachers, Reach for Nepal staff to make livelihood of the people better and you will be proud of the accomplishment at the end of the stay. You will make friends that will last the lifetime.

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