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Who are we?

The Buddha Odyssey is a family-owned Canberra business that began its operations in 2014 and has progressively expanded it's business each year since then.

After successfully establishing The Hungry Buddha restaurant in Canberra in 2011, Lachhu was regularly drawn back to Nepal, often, 2-3 times a year, to trek the Himalayas.

At the time, Raju, Lachhu's brother lived in the UK and was on his way home to Nepal. Raju had been a trekking guide in Nepal for over 15 years prior to moving to the UK.

Because both brothers loved the Himalayas, they wanted to share their passion to enable others to experience what the Himalayas have to offer. Soon after the brothers came together, The Buddha Odyssey was born.

Now, nearly into the 4th year of operation, The Buddha Odyssey is a leading group travel provider to Nepal from Canberra. The Buddha Odyssey has led successful trekking, mountain bike and community rebuild/yoga trips to Nepal since we began in 2014.

We are now in the process of planning school and university educational &community rebuild tours to Nepal in 2018 and beyond.

Lachhu Thapa:Co-Founder/Director

Originally from Pokhara Nepal, Lachhu has lived in Australia since 2002. He made his way to Canberra from Sydney in 2011, and since moving to Canberrahe successfully established and operates a Nepalese restaurant - The Hungry Buddha. After initial success with the restaurant, Lachhu's attention quickly turned to his passion of running an adventure business, where the objective would be to let people from Australia with a sense of adventure co-lead trips to Nepal with trek guide Raju. There would be flexibility around how people can tailor the trips to their specific needs, and the focus would always be to trek off the beaten track and to provide people with an authentic adventure experience.

Lachhu is an adventurist and has extensively travelled Nepal & the rest of the world. Among the adventures that stand out for Lachhu are Everest/Annapurna Base Camps, Island Peak Expedition, and most recently the Rickshaw Run, an adventure run across India in a Rickshaw. Lachhu likes to watch his sport whenever he can, especially soccer and cricket.

Lachhu is a father of two beautiful daughters and proud to be running the business with his brothers.

Raju Thapa: Co-founder / Co-Founder /Trek Lead

After living in the UK for more than a decade, Raju now divides his time between Australia and Nepal and leads the tours for the Buddha Odyssey.

Raju has been a tour guide for more than 15 years prior to living in the UK. Raju has a way about him that to the observer, it appears he knows everyone you come across in the remote areas of Nepal. His friendly nature ensures he can arrange the best outcomes for those who travel with him.

Raju has received many accolades from people participating on adventures through the Himalayas. He is considered an expert in his field as he places the safety and welfare of the people under his guidance as his primary concern.

Raju has scaled the Island Peak (6,189m), cycled around Annapurna, (Throng La 5,416m) in his favourite mountain bike and is well travelled. Adventure is his passion and he is always in total control of the group, in a very personable manner.

Shiva Thapa: Operations Manager, Nepal

Shiva runs the day to day operations of the Buddha Odyssey in Nepal. Shiva is a talented negotiator, has natural people skills and an ability to make things happen. His project management, organisational and community engagement skills ensure that all events fall into place for a smooth on the ground operation of the Buddha Odyssey in Nepal.

Shiva is well versed with Nepalese law, local governance and processes, which ensures all activities are compliant with relevant authorities. He is an adventurer, and loves his motorbike. You don't see him around much, but is always onto something. He is considered by many as the 'quiet achiever'.

Raju, Shiva & Lachhu are three brothers, and are proud to share their passion in operating this tourism business, promoting and creating jobs in Nepal.

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